Kibbutz Yahel

Yahel, the first kibbutz affiliated with the Progressive Judaism Movement was founded in 1976 and is today home to about 200 people. Kibbutz Yahel in the Southern Arava is located about 70 km north of Eilat, and about 2 km west of the Jordanian border.

The kibbutz integrates Judaism and environmental awareness, to create an ecologically sustainable community committed to maintaining the delicate balance between developing and preserving the fragile desert environment.

With the support of JNF-KKL Germany, KKL-JNF upgraded the treatment of sewage water at Kibbutz Yahel in the southern Arava. Approval of expansion plans in rural communities is conditional on improving the existing sewage system. The new system allowed the kibbutz to expand the scope of its agriculture and absorb 58 new families.

Recycled water is both less expensive and far more environmentally-friendly than standard freshwater irrigation. The new system includes pools that will impound water from the existing facility and purify it further so it will be suitable for agricultural irrigation.