Kibbutz Neve Harif

Kibbutz Neve Harif, belonging to Eilot regional council, is located 75 km to the north of Eilat. It is a secular agricultural kibbutz, with 25 families. The social-communal way of life in the kibbutz combines kibbutz ideology with the modern daily reality.

Thanks to JNF Canada, KKL-JNF was instrumental in providing a solution for the disposal of Neve Harif's wastewater, by creating a constructed wetland at the neighboring Neot Smadar. A constructed wetland is an ecological wastewater treatment facility that uses a series of pools, in which a variety of aquatic plants grow to simulate a natural wetland environment to purify water. As the water flows from one pool to the other it undergoes biological purification; the resulting water can be used to irrigate orchards and field crops.

The constructed wetland has an additional benefit for the communities of Neve Harif and Neot Smadar: the pools with their greenery and wildlife provide an attractive landscape element, which benefits tourism and recreation in the area.