Kibbutz Lotan

Lotan is a pluralistic kibbutz in the Southern Arava which was founded in 1983 by Israeli and American youths who built a community based on pluralistic, egalitarian and creative Jewish values while protecting the environment. The community is home to over 150 people from around the world including families and their children, volunteers, and students.

Income is generated from date growing and dairy production, as well as eco-tourism and education. The kibbutz’s Center for Creative Ecology is an environmental education, research and conservation institution.

The Center’s facilities include EkoKef ('Eco-fun') an educational, interactive park which teaches about organic and urban agriculture and natural building, and contains an amusement park made out of recycled materials, natural building and solar energy demonstrations. The site was developed in partnership with KKL-JNF’s Friends worldwide: JNF USA contributed a bird-watching park and a visitors’ center, JNF Australia helped to found the visitors’ center and JNF Canada was a partner in the establishment of the tea house there.

Kibbutz Lotan also features the super energy efficient EcoCampus – a unique neighborhood constructed from earth plastered straw bales.