Forestry & Environment


Support afforestation, maintaining biodiversity, combatting desertification, tree planting, forest maintenance, Leisure corners, accessibility, and much more.


With your support KKL-JNF improves Israel's environment by:


  • Planting forests and preserving our open spaces


  • Operating a network of birdwatching sites under our Kanfei KaKaL ornithological division


  • Preserving biodiversity in Israel through our Wildlife Acclimation Center at Hula Lake


  • Planting trees that shield Gaza border residents and commuters from missile attacks


  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions


  • Creating and nurturing biospheric parks


  • Enriching forest biodiversity


  • Preventing and fighting forest fires and rehabilitating burnt forests


  • Combating desertification


  • Preventing soil erosion


  • Making nature accessible to everyone


  • Joint initiatives in renewable energy, e.g. solar photovoltaic technology and solid waste recycling


  • Implementing the "National Outline Plan for Forests and Afforestation"


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