Support for Gaza Border Communities

Support far-reaching infrastructure, leisure corners and community projects for communities in the Gaza Envelope, so that local residents not only survive, but also thrive.

With your support, KKL-JNF boosts communities on the Gaza border, by:


  • Building safe agricultural access roads


  • Planting life-saving security trees in cooperation with the IDF


  • Preparing land for housing and agriculture in both new and veteran communities


  • Developing public open spaces and community forests for quality of life


  • Developing income-generating tourism infrastructure


  • Developing innovative, informal education initiatives


  • Providing green landscaping around schools, public buildings and community institutions


  • Installing pre-fab bomb shelters in parks, sports fields and other open spaces


  • Hosting respite days for families at KKL-JNF Field and Forest Educational Centers


  • Building\upgrading reservoirs and water treatment facilities


  • Supporting research and development that helps western Negev farmers compete in the global market