116 Years of KKL-JNF, Thanks to our Friends and Partners

116 Years of KKL-JNF, Thanks to our Friends and Partners
KKL-JNF's partners around the world support numerous projects in the fields of forestry, agriculture, water and community development, improving the quality of life for people in Israel and around the world, and advancing sustainability for generations to come.

Friends and Partners around the World

No review of KKL-JNF activities in KKL-JNF's 116th year could be complete without mentioning our supporters and friends throughout the world, without whom we could not accomplish much of what we have done since the organization’s inception.

Sometimes these projects commemorate a heroic deed, like the Casuarina Tree Circle at the KKL-JNF National Tree Arboretum in Ilanot Forest, which was dedicated by KKL Denmark in memory of Dan Uzan, who lost his life saving dozens of Danish Jews by stopping a Palestinian terrorist, or the ANZAC Memorial Center in Beersheba built with the support of JNF Australia. Others improve quality of life, like the ecological garden and accessible paths at the Haifa branch of ILAN, the Israel Foundation for Handicapped Children. Whatever the goal, these projects are an expression of the bond between KKL-JNF and its many friends around the world, who share a common goal – concern and a commitment to bettering Israel and the world for the benefit of people and the environment we all share.

One of the ways KKL-JNF deepens the connection of its friends and supporters all over the world to Israel is by means of conferences and delegations. Some of the 2017 conferences took place abroad, such as the Fifth Annual Mahar (Tomorrow) Conference, which took place in Budva, Montenegro, while others, like the ANZAC Centenary Mission and the 2017 Fourth Israel Today and Tomorrow Conference, take place in Israel. These are often attended by influential journalists and public figures, and contribute a much-needed and valued voice to the conversation on Israel. Other missions and conferences took place in Israel this year were the JNF USA National Board of Directors Leadership Mission, and the first ever Latin American Youth Leadership Conference, which introduced young volunteers and professionals from seven countries to the wide spectrum of KKL-JNF projects in Israel. At the European Leadership Conference in Paris, the KKL-JNF leaders in Europe discussed the promotion of informal education on Israel and the environment, and the impact of BDS.