greenXchange Mission to Israel, Sep 18-25, 2011

greenXchange group in Israel, September 2011. Photo: KKL-JNF Photo Archive

In September 2011, greenXchange held its first seminar in Israel, where 24 young Israeli and German professionals working in environmental fields went on an intensive and ecologically oriented tour of the country.
The greenXchange mission to  was made possible thanks to the generous support of ISTRATradeLinkLtd., a Swiss company that promotes ecological collaborations.

The group's itinerary focused on KKL-JNF projects in the south and central regions of the country, including visits to the Kfar Saba biofilter, the Yatir forest, the Yarkon river restoration project, water reservoirs, the ecological community of Kibbutz Lotan, R&D stations in the Negev and Arava regions, as well a visit to Better Place, a burgeoning electric car company.

The meeting concluded with presentations by both Israeli and German participants on the group's future plans.

Since the joint mission, the group has been staying in touch through Skype video conference calls and an internet forum. The group aims to empower German and Israeli environmental experts, and promote joint study and information exchange.  Another goal is the facilitation and implementation of business initiatives, cutting edge research, and hands-on projects.

The group's objectives are to identify KKL-JNF projects to support and to research ways to enhance their sustainability. Possible areas of focus include energy, agriculture, urban planning, economics, cooperation with German NGOs, and volunteering. The group also aims to invest in fundraising and communications, including identifying donors, producing a brochure and publishing press releases.