Planting and remembering

Tuesday, September 08, 2020 11:00 AM

In an emotional ceremony held in memory of the late Golani Unit's fighter, Amit Ben Yigal, who was killed in action in the Judea and Samaria region, his family has planted 21 trees at the Lavi Forest in collaboration with the Jewish National Fund.

(Photo: Michael Huri, KKL-JNF Photo Archive)
On last Thursday, (September 3), a tree-planting ceremony was held in memory of Golani Unit's fighter, staff sergeant Amit Ben Yigal, who was killed in action in the northern Samaria region.
The participants have gathered on the Golani Museum site, where they received a tour and a lecture at the memorial site by the museum director, retired lieutenant colonel Mor Shomron. Thereafter, a ceremony was held in Amit's memory, attended by KKL-JNF World Chairman Daniel Atar, the Golani Unit's commander, lieutenant colonel Ayub Kayuf, his parents – Baruch Ben Yigal and Nava Revivo, other family members, other fighters from the unit and friends. During the ceremony, the participants delivered eulogies in Amit's memory and the family received a planting certificate by KKL-JNF. After the ceremony, the participants gathered near the museum, at the KKL-JNF's Lavi Forest, where Amit's family members planted 21 trees, one for each year of his life.
Daniel Atar: "We have gathered here today to pay our respect to an important event – the memory of fallen soldiers, who have sacrificed their lives for the existence of the State of Israel and the security of its people. Amit Ben Yigal, bless his soul, paid the ultimate price for that higher cause. We are committed, as part of Israeli society and as an organization that works for Israel and its citizens, to be part of preserving his memory. There's no better way than to gather here, at the Golani Museum, to preserve and immortalize Amit's memory by planting trees that are symbolic of the things that have characterized him so much – life itself, continuity, the light that he spread all around him."
Some words from Yafit Barak, Amit's cousin, who spoke about him at the ceremony: "We're here today, our hero, in order to plant roots in your image, in the land of Israel that you loved so much, in the Golani Forest, which was your Golani. We came here to proudly plant 21 trees to symbolize each year of your life that all of us were blessed with, your family, friends, fighter buddies, acquaintances, for being in your presence in the years that you spread your meteoric light all around you, made everyone happy and livened up each soul. 21 trees, through which your being will rise… I promise you that we'll continue to surround and embrace, as strongly as we can, your dad, mom and sisters, and keep the flame of your candle burn for eternity."