Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael-Jewish National Fund Strengthens Collaborations with Nations Worldwide

Hundreds of educators from schools around the globe gathered for an educational seminar aimed at influencing the next generation, strengthening Jewish and Zionist identity, and instilling values of heritage and environmental love.

In recent years, KKL-JNF's educators' seminar has become a tradition gaining significant momentum. This year, in light of the 'Iron Swords' War, and the increasing antisemitism worldwide, it holds even greater importance.

The seminar welcomed around 150 teachers from various countries, including the United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica, Romania, Ukraine, Moldova, Estonia, Bulgaria, Turkey, and South Africa. These educators came to experience Israel through the unique perspective of KKL-JNF. Over eight days, they will tour the country from north to south, visiting natural and heritage sites, meeting with educators and military personnel, and receiving lectures and educational training on topics such as KKL-JNF's values, Israel, technology, ecology, and sustainability.

The seminar's goal is to empower and influence future leaders and foster cooperation between KKL-JNF and teachers worldwide. Upon returning to their home countries, these educators become KKL-JNF ambassadors, strengthening Jewish and Zionist identity and imparting values of heritage and environmental love. The participation of representatives from Turkey and South Africa marks a significant turn, especially given the strained relations with these countries since the beginning of the 'Iron Swords' War, yet true educational cooperation continues. Additionally, the presence of representatives from Ukraine reinforces the bond between the countries, as they endure a prolonged and significant conflict with Russia. The seminar is a highlight of KKL-JNF's joint activities with diaspora educators throughout the year.

Sar Shalom-Gerbi, Manager of the Education and Community Division, stated: "As part of our efforts to strengthen the connection between Jewish communities worldwide and the State of Israel and the Jewish people, we hold this seminar where educators from around the world connect to the land 'on foot', experiencing and feeling the atmosphere in Israel during these special days of prolonged conflict, which reveal bravery and unity among the people. They receive a rich and diverse toolkit to connect young people to the nation and the land, and to combat the rising antisemitism in the streets. I thank the educators for their sacred work for the future generation of the Jewish people".

Photograph - KKL JNF