KKL-JNF warmly embraces the support of Japanese ambassador, who today planted a tree on Israeli soil

The Japanese Ambassador to Israel, Koichi Mizushima, concludes his service in Israel this month and, at the initiative of KKL-JNF, a heart-warming ceremony was held last week.

 During this ceremony, the ambassador planted an olive tree and an almond tree in Ben Shemen Forest, together with KKL-JNF Chairwoman Ifat Ovadia Luski, to mark the brotherhood and friendship between the countries.

Also during the ceremony, a tribute plaque was unveiled, and a certificate was awarded to commemorate the ambassador's efforts over the past few years. The Japanese Embassy in Israel has stood alongside Israel and worked extensively with various forums worldwide to strengthen Israel's position and its just path.

Ifat Ovadia Luski, Chairwoman of KKL-JNF, said: "I warmly commend the Japanese Ambassador to Israel, who planted a tree today symbolizing hope and peace in the land of Israel. We deeply appreciate the support of the Japanese people and government for Israel during its difficult days, including in wartime. Ambassador Mizushima has worked tirelessly throughout his tenure to strengthen the warm relations and ties between the countries, and for that, our heartfelt thanks."

The Japanese Ambassador to Israel, Koichi Mizushima:״ The trees we are going to plant together will stay here with you. We are so thrilled to imagine that these trees are going to take root, flourish and watch over the forest and the people of the land of Israel and at the same time to become a symbol of growing friendship between two peoples."