Which Israeli Forest is the Most Popular? KKL-JNF 2023 Ranking is Now Available

In celebration of last week's International Day of Forests, KKL-JNF reveals figures that tell of the most beloved and well-traveled forests in Israel.

According to the data, the Ben Shemen Forest is the most popular in Israel, with 1,521,000 visitors over a period of six months, according to the evaluation of the KKL-JNF foresters who work at the entrances to the forests and at the travelers' parking spots. The Tzora Forest is at the second place with 1.4 million visitors and the Sataf at the third place with 1.3 million visitors.

Northern Israel

  • Hatzor Recreation Area: 1,030,000
  • Jordan Park: 942,000
  • Beit Keshet Forest: 810,000
  • Megido Landing: 780,000
  • Lavie Forest: 755,000
  • Hof Carmel Forest: 602,000

תצפית אל התבור מיער בית קשת. צילום: פנינה צייזלר, קק"לA view of the Tavor from Beit Keshet Forest. Photograph: Pnina Tzeizler, KKL-JNF

Central Israel

  • Ben Shemen Forest: 1,521,000
  • Tzora Forest: 1,400,000
  • Sataf: 1,300,000
  • Britain Park: 1,140,000
  • Jerusalem Forest: 1,040,000
  • Defenders Forest: 262,000
  • Canada Park: 216,000
  • Haruvit Forest: 200,000
  • Nahal HaShofet Park: 74,000
  • Adulam Park: 54,000

יער בן שמן. צילום: גדעון שרוןBen Shemen Forest. Photograph: Gideon Sharon

Southern Israel

  • Schaharia: 500,000
  • Lahav: 366,000
  • Ofakim: 315,000
  • Be'eri Re;im: 215,000
  • Sharsheret: 155,000

ילדים מבלים ביער שחריה המלאכים. צילום: אבי בלבןChildren play at the Malachim-Schaharia Forest. Photograph: Avi Balvan

Eli Yadid, Public Coordination Director at KKL-JNF: "As a person who lives nature and loves the forest, I feel great joy when I see the Israeli public coming to feel nature and the soil, and the breathtaking beauty of our forests in Israel. Each forest tells a story, and each forest has its own charm. I invite everyone to come to us and enjoy. The numbers speak for themselves, the Israelis enjoy fresh air that is good for the soul, and it is especially in this period that that we see the importance of nature. It is a refuge for all of us."