Pine Processionary Warning

Travelers at Israel's forests should be aware of the presence of Pine Processionary, which can lead to skin and eye irritation. Travelers should avoid any contact with the Pine Processionary larva and its nests, which they leave during the spring to pupate. There is a chance of spotting them on the trees and on the ground, and their stinging hair can also be found in rotting nests made of white threads. KKL-JNF does its best to remove the threat, however, the larva exsits in every pine wood. Therefore, travelers should avoid areas suspected as infested with nest remains.

Forests where high presence of Pine Processionary was detecetd include:

  • Britain park
  • Horashim forest
  • Ben Shemen forest
  • Menshe-Sharon forests
  • Western Galilee-Carmel forests
  • Northern Negev forests
  • Western Negev forests and recreation areas
  • Galilee and Golan forests
  • Gilboa forests
  • Kula forest
  • Rosh Ha'ayin community forest
  • Ayalon Canada park
  • Nahshon forest
  • Defenders forest
  • Eshtaol forest
  • Yatir forest
  • Meitar forest
  • Dudaim forest
  • Ramat Menashe park recreation areas

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