Marching in their Memory

The KKL-JNF staff members will join the family march at the Switzerland forest. They will march to commemorate the fallen soldiers from the Butzhak team – Captain Oshri Moshe Butzhak and Adi Harev.

KKL-JNF staff members will march at the Switzerland forest on April 14, joining the family of IDF fallen soldier Oshri Moshe Butzhak, the son of KKL-JNF staff member Eyal Butzhak. The family of IDF fallen soldier Adi Harev, who fought on Oshri's team, will also join the march.

Eyal has been working in KKL-JNF for 9 years, coordinating acquisitions in the northern region. He is deeply moved by the staff's initiative to join the march: "The march in Oshri's memory will also be joined by the Harev family from Beit Jan, who will march in the memory of their son Adi, a member of Oshri's team who fell a month before him. I am deeply moved when I see that the friends and workers from KKL-JNF, along with Oshri's friends and of course the family members will all march in the memory of Oshri and Adi."

The march will take place as part of the "Encounters at the Israel Trail" project, an annual march throughout the country's trails to commemorate soldiers who fell during Israel's wars and victims of terror attacks. This year's march takes place despite the ongoing war, continuing two decades of tradition in which Raya and Yossi Effner, who lost their son Avi in the helicopter crash disaster of 1997, go every year on a march aimed at commemorating the fallen soldiers and bringing together different sectors of the Israeli society. This year's march focuses on the question of rebuilding the Israeli society as a right and just society, one worthy of the sacrifices made by the fallen soldiers, including those who fell during the Swords of Iron War.