Feeling at Home in the Forest

The annual KKL-JNF "Community Forests" conference took place on Tuesday, attended by the local municipalities at the Dan Hotel in Eilat.

The conference included a presentation of the community forest network array and focused on innovations, developments and the continued collaboration between the municipalities and the residents in order to strengthen Israel's community forests network.

Today, there are 21 community forests in Israel, established by KKL-JNF in collaboration with the different communities. The project is expected to expand significantly in the coming years, with 50 more planned community forests.

The conference was attended by KKL-JNF chair Ifat Ovadia-Luski, the head of soil and development division in KKL-JNF Yaron Ohayon, and the heads and chairs of municipalities, along with professional teams.

A community forest provides a town with its green area, which includes the urban space and its surroundings, while its goals include different social and cultural aspects as recreation, health and the welfare of the local population. The community forest management policy is based on active involvement by the local community.

Omer Ratzon, manager of the community forests in KKL-JNF: "The community forest holds great importance for the society and the community. It is an infrastructure for initiatives and actions that provide added value to the community life. KKL-JNF develops this infrastructure according to the needs. This way, walking and jogging tracks, cycling tracks, picnic over-night camping posts picnic tables, scenic lookouts and heritage and travel sites are all developed in the forests. We thank our partners in both their actions and also in organizing the successful conference."

צילום: הדר בשארי יעקב, ארכיון הצילומים של קק"לPhotograph: Hadar Bashari-Yakov, KKL-JNF Photo Archive