Resilience and Valor: KKL-JNF Youth Program Salutes Heroic Acts in Ofaqim

Youth from the KKL-JNF "Youth at Risk" program painted an emotionally painting, paying tribute to the bravery of Ofaqim residents during the Black Saturday attacks on Oct. 7th 2023

In response to the sudden and tragic assault by Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad on October 7th 2023, claiming the lives of 52 Ofaqim residents, KKL-JNF mobilizes in support of the city. Teenagers aged 14-18 from the "Youth at Risk" program unveiled a special graffiti near the Ofaqim synagogue, illustrating the heroic actions of Ofaqim citizens during Oct. 7th 2023. The artwork depicts a father shielding his children from rockets using a Torah scroll.

The "Youth at Risk" program by KKL-JNF provides opportunities for young people at risk of veering off course to reintegrate into meaningful life paths. Participants receive Zionist education, personal mentoring, vocational training, life skills, and encouragement for meaningful service in the IDF and national service.

This initiative is part of KKL-JNF's comprehensive plan to support displaced residents in the southern regions. This week, it was announced that KKL-JNF will contribute 1.4 billion shekels for the rehabilitation of communities in the Gaza periphery and southern Israel.

Shimon Abuhatzira, Director of the Youth at Risk Department at KKL-JNF, expressed, "Amidst the profound darkness that fell upon us on October 7th, we were exposed to numerous stories of heroism, particularly among the courageous residents of Ofaqim. KKL-JNF is committed to assisting in the recovery of displaced communities, and we will stand by the residents of Ofaqim every step of the way.