KKL-JNF Workers Donated Over a Million ILS from Their Vacation Days to Purchase Food and Equipment for IDF Soldiers

With this donation, staff members of the KKL-JNF Workers' Union have sent thousands of food packages as well as logistic and tactical equipment to the IDF soldiers stationed in Southern and Northern Israel.

Since the beginning of the war, the union has operated a van that distributes shirts, underwear, coats and more among the soldiers.

In addition, the workers prepare fresh pizzas that they give soldiers on the frontline in southern and northern Israel.

The donation joins KKL-JNF's decision to provide assistance of over 70 million ILS to the residents and towns of Gaza Envelope to increase security, protection, temporary relocation of residents and other emergency activities.

The initiative was led by the head of the KKL-JNF National Workers' Union, Israel Goldstein, who recruited the workers while donating from his own vacation days and taking active part in everything involved.

KKL-JNF Workers' Union chair, Israel Goldstein: "The man and women who work at KKL-JNF are proud to take part in the national effort and in making sure that the IDF soldiers will not be in need of anything. I am proud of our workers for their donation – this is our social and national way. We will keep assisting the soldiers and evacuated residents until the end of the fighting. Long live the people of Israel – we will prevail!"