KKL-JNF for the Evacuees: Tours and Recreational Activities

Thousands of families evacuated from southern and northern Israel will go on tours organized by KKL-JNF throughout the country, and will be provided a much needed break from the hardships caused by the Swords of Iron war. The families will visit nature, legacy and historical sites.

While Israel faces one of its toughest struggles, KKL-JNF contributes to raise the morale among the families evacuated from the southern and northern parts of the country. With the help of the KKL-JNF guides, about 1,500 evacuees will tours a wide variety of places.

The tours are aimed at supporting the families that had to be evacuated following the tragic events of October 7th. On November 15, another tour for the evacuees who stay near the Dead Sea is expected to take place. The goal of the tours is to provide a break for the evacuees in the hotels, and provide some added value for the evacuated children who will visit central travel spots in Israel, with full funding by KKL-JNF.''

KKL-JNF chair, Ifat Ovadia Luski: "We recognize the healing qualities of nature as a place for rest and solace for the soul. It can remind us of the ability to heal and rise again. We are glad to provide the evacuated families with several hours of rest. We will keep contributing and helping the families until their return to their homes.

צילום: באדיבות קק"לPhotograph: KKL-JNF