KKL-JNF's New Chairwoman, Ifat Ovadia-Luski, Makes Her First Decision: Planting in the Negev Will Commence Immediately. "KKL-JNF is at the Forefront of the Country's Protection"

On Sunday, January 22, JNF-KKL's management has decided to start the planting at the Nahal Yatir area. This is the first decision under the leadership of the new chairwoman, who entered her role at the beginning of the month.

The planting will include agricultural works at the Nahal Yatir area on state lands that serve as protection from invasions, environmental harm, illegal construction and trespassing – all common occurrences in the area.

KKL-JNF is the only party allowed to carry planting of this kind.

KKL-JNF's Chairwoman, Ifat Ovadia-Luski: "KKL-JNF is at the Forefront of the country's protection, development and construction. Protection of the soil along with settling and plating are among KKL-JNF's goals since the early days of Zionism, and we're proud to be leading these goals today. With the management of KKL-JNF and its workers, we will continue to contribute to the country's development."