For the Soldiers: Member of KKL-JNF "Youth at Risk" Program Gave Soldiers a Haircut

Since the beginning of the war, members of KKL-JNF's "Youth at Risk" program are busy volunteering all throughout Israel. They visit the wounded in hospitals, distribute food packages to soldiers, arrange recreational activities for evacuees, and more.

On Wednesday, dozens of program members arrived in Ashkelon, where, in collaboration with the "Le'Ofek" they treated soldiers on brief leave with haircuts, a café-style food truck, a nice meal and good music.

The "Youth at Risk" program provides teenage school dropouts the chance of re-integration within social and educational life.

Shimon Abuhatzira, Director of the Youth at Risk Department at KKL-JNF: "The kids travel to bases and distribute food to soldiers, visit the wounded at the hospitals and cheer them up. We are talking about teenagers who dropped out of schools, went through difficulties, and some of them lived in the streets until we reached for them. All of them immediately volunteered."

Photograph: Kfir WellerPhotograph: Kfir Weller