KKL-JNF Reached an Agreement with the Israeli Ministry of Finance about a 1.4 Billion ILS Assistance for Support and Recovery

Due to the war, and in accordance with the needs that arose, the projects that KKL-JNF was supposed to support have been updated. 1.4 billion ILS will be provided for support and recovery instead of other purposes.

When the war broke out, the KKL-JNF board decided to focus the organization's activity on rebuilding the Israeli home front. For this reason, KKL-JNF approached the Israeli Ministry of Finance to realize an agreement signed in May this year between KKL-JNF and the government and to adjust it so it the money given by KKL-JNF will be devoted to this purpose.

In accordance to this, the money will be given for a variety of activities and project, among them health: shielding hospitals, emergency supplies, strengthening of the mental health centers, additional nursing and emergency staff; education: creation of educational environments for evacuees, daycares for evacuees, psychological services, informal education; agriculture: emergency stocks, shielding for farmers, assistance to farmers and incentives for workers; welfare: evacuation of welfare facilities from the front lines to safe areas, assistance to welfare offices and the public; employment: employment programs for evacuees, daycare assistance.

In addition 590 million ILS from the agreement will be devoted to the strengthening of Israeli society and economy in the fields where KKL-JNF holds the knowledge, experience and ability, among them agricultural training, development in Druze towns, planning and development of villages, sewer drainage projects, preparing agricultural roads, preparing safety roads and more.

KKL-JNF Chair, Ifat Ovadia Luski: "KKL-JNF is proud to lead the rehabilitation project for the Israeli home front. Since the beginning of the war, KKL-JNF assists the residents of the Gaza Envelope, the evacuees and the soldiers, the police and the security forces. The most significant assistance from KKL-JNF will contribute to rebuild the ruined towns, the housing and creation of educational and welfare services for the evacuees, the shielding of hospitals and farms, and the purchase of emergency and medical equipment. We will, of course, continue standing along the authorities, the residents and the security forces. Together, with joint effort, we will reach better days in Israel."