Closure of Nahal Hashofet Due to Accessibility Works

On June 19, Nahal Hashofet site will be closed due to trail accessibility works. The works will include a replacement of railings and benches, an addition of sitting areas and overlooks, an updated signs and a renovated parking lot.

The works began at the current season due to the low water level in the stream. The trail is located at the Ramat Menashe Park and at the heart of the Megido Biosphere area initiated by KKL-JNF.
As an alternative to a visit to the site, the parks other beautiful areas – Gahar River, Senin River and Mishmar River; the Galed Reservoir, the Kibbutzim Memorial, Ein Shulamit and the picnic parking lots.
For the sake of travelers' safety – Nahal Hashofet is closed until the conclusion of the works. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.