Report from the KKL-JNF Conference in Katzrin About the Struggle Against Climate Change and the Development of Golan Heights

Wednesday, April 06, 2022 3:41 PM

On April 5, KKL-JNF held a conference about the development of Golan Heights from an ecological and residential perspective in the public hall of Katzrin.


In light of the Israeli Government's decision to expand settlement in the Golan Heights, it was decided to hold the conference in Katzrin. The conference was held in the memory of the late Moshe Gorelick, the first chair of the Golan Heights' Regional Council and former manager of the Northern Settlements Department.

The conference highlighted different issues, including forestry in the Golan Heights and the expansion of the population in the area. Strategic plans for renewable energy were also discussed, including whether the area's residents will be able to use locally manufactured electricity instead of getting their electricity from the Israel Electric Corporation in the near future.

The Climate Crisis and Renewable Energies Panel opened after the conference's welcome speeches. The panel focused on the advantages and the future developments in the fields of solar energy and wind power. The following panel discussed the present and the future of settlement in the Golan Heights. It focused on government plans, community strength, demographic growth and future influence on the area, among other issues. After the panel, the participants visited the Wasset high-tech and tourism center, and the new settlement – Ramat Trump.

Among the conference's participants was MK Zvi Hauser, who discussed the government plans for the development of the Golan Heights, and representative of The Shamir Research Institute, The Golan Heights Regional Council, The Settlement Division, Midreshet HaGolan, The Local Council of Katzrin, and of course – KKL-JNF.

In his speech, KKL-JNF Chairman Avraham Duvdevani said that "the fact that such an important conference is held at the Golan Heights testifies to the great changes that we experience. It is a truly happy occasion for anyone who cares about the state's future, since it creates a meaningful change for future generations. KKL-JNF will continue to develop and expand environmental projects, and for this reason it was important to hold the conference at the Golan Heights, an area which we believe will be an important hub for environmental activity.