French Walkathon Sets Out

Tuesday, April 04, 2006 10:14 AM


The tenth walkathon of the Friends of KKL-JNF France set out on its way.

The Walkathon is an annual walk throughout Israel dedicated to the building of water reservoirs as a means of helping Israel’s water economy.
This year, two delegations, each boasting eighty participants, will be taking part in the walk. The delegations will be walking through the Judean Mountains and the Lower Judean Plain. During the walk, participants will become familiar with the Israeli landscape and the many projects KKL-JNF has carried out with the support of its friends worldwide. They will also be hiking through nature and learning about the plant and animal life indigenous to the region.
There will also be visits to archaeological sites with remnants of Jewish history from biblical and later eras, and visits to the many parks in this region, a vibrant expression of KKL-JNF’s daily activities and its many achievements in fields related to quality of life and the environment.