Past Walk for Water missions:

Visit the places around Israel that the KKL France Walk for Water has trekked, and discover something new!

  • March 2018 - This was Walk for Water's 21st year. It also happened to be the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel. In honor of these significant events coinciding, Walk for Water 2018 spent four beautiful spring days in March trekking in the Galilee in the footsteps of Jewish settlement from the biblical, mishnaic, talmudic and finally, modern times.


  • March 2017 - In celebration of the coinciding milestone anniversaries of the 20th Walk for Water and the 50th anniversary of the Six Day War and reunification of Jerusalem, KKL France spent the week trekking in the Golan Heights and Jerusalem, in the footsteps of significant Six Day War landmarks.


  • March 2016 - KKL France embarks on their 19th Walk for Water in Israel. Coming straight from Ben Gurion Airport, the French delegation planted trees at the Mashabim air force base in the Negev in memory of former KKL President Albert Czarnobroda Z"L, before embarking on their week-long trek in the Judean desert.  


  • March 2015 - A hundred visitors from all over France participated in the Walk for Water in Israel, the 18th walkathon of KKL France, which in 2015 took place in the Eilat Mountains. About half of them were taking part in the walkathon for the first time.


  • February 2013 - On KKL France's 16th Water Walk, some 80 members walked close to 100 kilometers on different routes in the Negev over four days.


  • March 2011 - Some eighty Friends of KKL-JNF France committed to a week of hiking tours designed to express solidarity with the Israeli State and help raise money for the establishment of water reservoirs in the Negev.


  • October 2010 - Friends of KKL-JNF UK Walk in the Galilee to renovate reservoirs in the Negev. Its members have adopted two major KKL-JNF projects: The establishment of water reservoirs at Negba and Masuot Yitzhak, which together place an additional 600 thousand cubic meters at the disposal of farmers in Kibbutz Negba and the surrounding area.


  • May 2010 - JNF Australia's Walk for Water, a five-day walkathon along the streams of Upper Galilee and the Golan Heights.


  • April 2010 - In cooperation with KKL-JNF, the Israel Cancer Association sponsored for the second time a joint-walkathon in Aminadav Forest in the Jerusalem Mountains.


  • March 2010 - KKL-JNF France Water Walkathon, a four-day hike in the Judean Desert, concluded their walk at Adulam Park in the Lower Judean Mountains.


  • April 2006 - Two KKL-JNF France delegations comprised of some 160 members walked through the Judean Mountains and the Lower Judean Plain.


  • March 2003 - A 120-member delegation of KKL-JNF France trekked for four days over 80 kilometers in the Negev-Dead Sea area, raising support to alleviate the country’s chronic water shortage.


  • November 2002 - KKL-JNF friend in Britain and Ireland trekked across some 100 km of desert landscape in the Arava, inaugurating the recently completed experimental reservoir at Lavan River.