Class Activities - Ideas and Tips from KKL-JNF

Class Activities - Ideas and Tips from KKL-JNF

The KKL-JNF Education and Youth Division offers a variety of green classroom activities, as well as more in-depth Eco-Zionist programs that teachers can use independently for working with their students. All programs are adaptable to suit your class needs.

Ideas from Schools

Suggestions from Kindergartens and Schools


Class Activities

  • Collect rainwater and use it to water plants.
  • Prepare a device for measuring rainfall (from a kindergarten in Rishon Letzion)
  • Prepare an exhibit corner on trees to familiarize children with plants and trees in Israel, and teach them about ways to care for trees.
  • Decorate the kindergarten or classroom with pictures of trees.
  • Help children recognize the contribution of trees to the environment.
  • Collect used clothing and games and distribute them to needy families.
  • Transform an old and unwanted item into something new and useful.


Encourage Students to…

  • Turn off the lights when leaving the classroom at the end of the day. Turn off computers when not in use.
  • Avoid purchasing products that contain excessive packaging that contributes to pollution of the environment, such as packages of individually wrapped cookies as opposed to a package of cookies.
  • Avoid using disposable products. Even those that are supposedly biodegradable or recyclable are a source of pollution. Do not use Styrofoam cups!
  • Unplug telephone chargers from sockets when not in use, to save energy.
  • These are some of the activities that are included in "The Blue Box" activity kit. The database will grow with your help. We would love to receive additional suggestions! Send your suggestions to:
Making planes out of used paper towel cylinders. Photo: Tania Susskind
Making planes out of used paper towel cylinders. Photo: Tania Susskind

Ideas from KKL-JNF

International Cleanup Day Events

International Cleanup Day is a day dedicated to promoting cooperative community action and instilling ecological values.

As in previous years, KKL-JNF keeps up the green tradition and invites you and your school to join millions of people in 120 countries throughout the world in the International Cleanup Day events held under the banner of "Clean up the World Day."

Each year, thousands of Israelis mark the day with programs and activities dedicated to cleaning up and recycling materials. Cleanup campaigns are held in various sites throughout the country.

Participanting schools receive a booklet and CD ROM prepared especially for Cleanup Day with information, instructions, and suggestions for cleanup and ecological activities.

The booklet From Hazard to Resource is a booklet about the problem of waste disposal and how it can be dealt with.
School children participate in Clean Up Day in Israel. Photo: KKL-JNF
School children participate in Clean Up Day in Israel. Photo: KKL-JNF

Biodegradable Badges for Independence Day

Each year, the KKL-JNF Education and Youth Division designs an emblem to be printed on badges for Independence Day. The badges are made of environmentally – friendly materials based on corn starch and can be adhered to clothing with a reusable adhesive surface.

Independence Day badges can be purchased by schools at 1 NIS per badge, and by the general public for 2 NIS per badge.

Additional information about purchasing badges is available at Kav LaYaar, the KKL-JNF Information Hotline: 1-800-350-550.

Purchase badges (Hebrew only)

Voting for the Top Tree – Campaigning in the Forests

This activity is suitable for students in elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools.

This activity has the following objectives:
  1.  Encouraging independent learning about the Land of the Bible
  2. Familiarizing students with different varieties of trees and their characteristics
  3. Understanding the importance of variety in natural vegetation and trees

This activity can be conducted in the classroom or outdoors.


Defending Trees in Court

This activity encourages students to judge and weigh actions that people take that harm trees, and determine whether they are justified.

The objectives of the activity:

  1. Encouraging independent learning about the Land of the Bible
  2. Learning about different varieties of trees and their characteristics
  3. Understanding and appreciating the importance of variety in nature

Students hold a trial to judge whether acts conducted against trees are justified. They must research their topics and conduct a discussion based upon courtroom procedure. Students present the offense and defense, gather information, hear the evidence, and reach a verdict.


Camping in a KKL-JNF forest. Photo: KKL-JNF
Camping in a KKL-JNF forest. Photo: KKL-JNF

Jerusalem Collage

The KKL-JNF Education and Youth Division presents activities about the city of Jerusalem. The activities are included in the "KKL-JNF Stamp Album" about Jerusalem. The album, published in 2007, is a kit that includes a booklet about Jerusalem with stamps from various periods in history and suggestions for group activities.

Students learn about the city of Jerusalem and its connection to KKL-JNF through history, heritage, Zionism, and ecology. The activities combine study materials with instructions for an exciting learning experience. The activity is suitable as an opening or summary activity for study about Jerusalem.

The objective of the activity is to teach students about Jerusalem from various aspects using computer-based research and learning materials. The activity is conducted in the classroom. It is designed for 6th-8th graders.


Ecological Zionism Day – Every Drop is Important!

Water Quality Inspection Day

KKL-JNF is involving schools in its worldwide water quality project that is being conducted in cooperation with the Forestry Division and JNF USA. Participants in the program receive a special water inspection kit with a CD ROM, pamphlet, and activities.

Children in participating classes conduct two inspections of bodies of water near their school. They then send the inspection results to the international water project website and to the KKL-JNF Education and the Youth Division. Students do research and make projects on the topic of water inspection using the data that has been collected from sites in Israel and abroad.

KKL-JNF will help students who conduct exceptional research projects to be in contact with other schools around the world who are studying the same topic. The project is designed for 7th – 12th grade students. Work is done in the classroom, the surrounding outdoor area and at home, and continues throughout the school year.

A stream running through a KKL-JNF forest. Photo: KKL-JNF
A stream running through a KKL-JNF forest. Photo: KKL-JNF

Tu Bishvat Seder

This special slideshow takes you through the stages of the Tu Bishvat seder and incorporates songs, photos, videos, texts and interesting facts about the trees and fruits of Israel.

This slideshow was created by the Overseas section of the KKL-JNF Youth and Education Department, and is available in different languages, for use in communities, families and schools. It is an invaluable aid for teachers and informal education personnel.

The Tu Bishvat festival is the essence of what KKL-JNF represents, and it expresses our strong connection as a People to the Land of Israel.

The KKL-JNF Tu Bishvat Seder Slideshow

* The use of this presentation is allowed for private, home and educational activities only. It is not approved for commercial activities.