KKL-JNF Educational Programs and Activities

The KKL-JNF Youth and Education Department has introduced a variety of educational programs and activities designed to enrich the resources of teachers and educators both in Israel and in the Diaspora. These activities offer original and innovative ways for teachers and educators to spark their students' interest. The materials and activities add both variety and enrichment to classroom learning. Most of the programs are in Hebrew.

The Chain-Link Program

Linking Classroom Learning and Fun Excursions

The "Chain Link Program" is a unique educational program that combines learning with educational experiences. The program includes values education units called "links", which include information and study materials in environmental subjects such as forests, water, land, and heritage. Each "link" in the chain consists of activities suitable to different age groups. Each unit is part of the educational program, and is connected to the areas of study and the enrichment program.

The program increases students' awareness of human input in developing the landscape, through careful adherence to sustainable development, and emphasizes the values of ecological Zionism, nature, and heritage. The program places importance upon students' personal experiences and creating significant study materials.

The various "links" can be integrated into school excursions according to age group. These tours can be incorporated into trips lasting from one to five days. The "Chain Link" program is designed for 1st to 12th grade students.

KKL-JNF Activity-mobile

An Exciting Array of Activities for Everyone

The educational JNF-KKL Activity-mobile is a mobile unit that brings activities to schools, community centers, youth movement centers and recreational areas throughout Israel. The mobile learning unit offers a variety of educational activities on the environment, nature, history, and Zionism. The activities combine games, kits, and materials suitable for fun learning indoors and outdoors. All activities carried out in the KKL-JNF Activity-mobile are led by KKL-JNF guides.

Some of the exciting activities at the KKL-JNF Activity-mobile:

  • Map of Israel – This large floor map of Israel with quiz cards and flags is a focal point for activities about Israeli geography and the environment.
  • "Ropes and Ladders" is an active group game that deals with ecology topics entitled "From Hazards to Resources".
  • "The Blue Box" – A fun and competitive game

Learning and Winning

The Annual National Quiz on Zionism, Man, and the Environment

Each year, KKL-JNF holds a national inter-school quiz for schoolchildren on Zionism, the environment, and human intervention.

This exciting competition encourages students to learn, and apply their knowledge about history, heritage, the environment, and Israeli society.

New Record set by the Winners of the KKL-JNF Quiz

"The Blue Box"

A Study Program of Educational Values

"Big Things in a Little Blue Box" is a new environmental values program for first to third grade classrooms and kindergartens. The program was developed in 2008 by the Education and Youth Division of KKL-JNF and has been approved by the Ministry of Education.

The program designed is based on weekly activities for kindergarteners and 1st – 3rd grade students. The Blue Box program recalls the traditional KKL-JNF blue box, and emphasizes ecological issues and objectives that encourage values such as cooperation and responsibility for the environment. The program encourages children to make a personal contribution to their close environment through fun and enjoyable activities.

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