The Recycling Race

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It’s the Recycling Race, come and take part in a race to protect the environment!

KKL-JNF invites you, the surfers, to enter an environmental race against the problem of increasing pollution in our world.

In this game, which is called the Recycling Race, tasks and questions appear on the board game. During its 111 years of activity, KKL-JNF has worked in many different fields, including land, forestry, water, teaching knowledge and love of Israel's landscape and environmental responsibility.

In 2010, the KKL-JNF Youth and Education Division, in cooperation with Amnir, the paper recycling company, began encouraging schools across the country to collect paper and cardboard for recycling. This game expresses the values that lead to recycling.

In the spirit of the Midrash: "See My acts, how great and remarkable they are, and all that I created - I created for you. Do not ruin or destroy My world, for if you do, no one will fix it for you."(Midrash Kohelet Rabbah 7:19).