KKL-JNF Field and Forest Education Centers: Green Learning

KKL-JNF Field and Forest Education Centers are situated in forests up in the green hills. FFEC's  welcome visitors to an educational experience that combines environmental values alongside Zionism and love for the land of Israel. 

What are Field and Forest Education Centers?

The Field and Forest Education Centers are comprised of spacious tents and wood cabins that are spread out between the trees of the forest. In each tent there are eight beds, and in the cabins there are four to five beds, as well as a shower, refrigerator, private bathroom and air conditioning.

The centers are guarded, have security fences, and are equipped with outdoor and indoor classrooms, sports facilities and picnic areas shaded by the trees in the forest, all of which provides experiential learning experiences as well as outdoor activities. The centers also serve as a suitable base for excursions and overnight camping.
A professional staff of experienced guides service the guests at the Field and Forest Education Centers and conducts educational activities and tours in the vicinity.

The Field and Forest Education Centers offer their visitors tours, educational programs and a variety of interactive activities that emphasize national, natural, environmental and historical values, in a unique and enjoyable style.
Come to breathe in the fresh forest air, take a  walk in the fields and enjoy pleasant hospitality and a productive learning experience.

Outdoor classroom. Photo: Yaniv Schwartz

Computer lab. KKL-JNF Photo Archive

The following is a list of KKL-JNF Field and Forest Education Centers in Israel and the facilities they offer:

Yatir Field and Forest Center

The Yatir Field and Forest Center is located in the heart of Yatir Forest, the largest planted forest in Israel. The Center reopened its gates in 2016, and it hosts a large variety of groups who sleep over and experience life in the field along with unique educational experiences including walks, trips and activities.

The Yatir Field and Forest Center offers visitors an extraordinary experience and a rare opportunity to become familiar with the three regions that meet at Yatir Forest: the Judean Mountains, the Judean Desert and the Negev. In addition, the Foresters Fortress, around which the Center was built in the middle of the 1960s, is an attraction for hikers thanks to its location and the magnificent view that can be seen from its observation balcony.

Educational Activities
The Center offers groups of all sorts various lodging possibilities, fascinating outings in Southern Israel, professional guidance, and camping and field activities.

Among the groups hosted here one can find representatives of all the educational frameworks: formal and informal frameworks, youth movements, youth organizations, Israeli field-training groups, pre-military academies, National Service volunteers and soldiers.

Hosting families and other groups is conditional on a minimum number of participants, or a group of at least 50 people hosted at the Center.

What’s in the Center?
Tents – two large “tents of Abraham” facing the view from Yatir Forest. Each of these tents can host up to 70 people, and they include quality mattresses, electricity, lighting and heating. Visitors can also enjoy the spacious and leisurely lawns and shade located next to the tents.
Field areas – two field spaces in a total area of three-fourths of an acre that can accommodate tents built by visitors. This site also has special ovens for baking pita bread in the field.
Bathrooms and showers – new and modern structures for visitors including hot water.
Staff rooms – five rooms intended for staff that include up to four beds in each room, air conditioning, nearby showers and bathrooms.

Dining room – located on the ground floor of the fortress, includes tables, chairs a projector and a screen.
- The dining room may also be used for food cooked independently at the field space kitchen.
-  Ordering meals – if coordinated in advance.
Two field kitchens including sinks, counters, gas ranges and refrigerators.
Three cold water installations for drinking.
Eating space – an outside eating space with about 20 shaded picnic tables.

Additional services available at the Center
Security – KKL-JNF is responsible for 24 hour security around the entire area.
Classrooms – there are two open classrooms in the area. In addition, activities and lectures can be held in the dining room.

Outside theater – suitable for conferences and events, sits about 300 people.

Portable sound system – the system may be used by an adult who is responsible for the group.
Charging points in the field – for cellular phones

Lavi Field and Forest Education Center

  • 500 beds
  • Showers and bathrooms
  • Dining hall
  • Sports field
  • Suitable accommodation for teachers
  • Garden areas for up to 400 students



Activities at the Lavi Center. Photo: KKL-JNF Photo Archive


Tzippori Field and Forest Education Center

  • 250 beds
  • Showers and bathrooms
  • Dining Hall
  • Sports Field
  • Suitable accommodation for teachers
  • Garden areas for up to 150 students


Nes Harim Field and Forest Education Center

  • 250 beds
  • Showers and bathrooms
  • Dining Hall
  • Sports field
  • Suitable accommodation for teachers
  • Garden areas for up to 450 students



Contact for More Information and Bookings

  Office Phone Website Email
Kav LaYaar Forest Hotline 1-800-350-550
Southern Israel +972-8-9986188/131/114; Fax: +972-8-9986166 hagito@kkl.org.il
Central Israel +972-3-5261153; Fax: +972-3-5261183 avivan@kkl.org.il
Jerusalem +972-2-6583522; Fax: +972-2-6583509 HaniD@kkl.org.il
Northern Israel +972-4-8470237; Fax: 972-4-8470238 shirlyb@kkl.org.il