World Conference on Education

KKL-JNF World Conference on Education

Every year, hundreds of educators come from around the world to attend KKL-JNF's World Conference on Education in Israel, to share and receive the latest tools for Zionist and environmental education.

KKL-JNF 2018 World Conference on Education

This summer, the KKL-JNF Education Division’s Overseas Department will hold the annual World Conference on Education for educators, principals and teachers from all over the world who work in both formal and informal education. About 250 teachers and educators from Israel and the Diaspora will be participating in this year’s conference. The conference will salute Israel’s 70th anniversary and 117th year of KKL-JNF’s activities.

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What's in store for this year?

The KKL-JNF World Conference on Education for educators, principals and teachers from throughout the world will take place on July 18-25, 2018. During the eight days of the conference, participants will learn about Zionist heritage and the history of the people of Israel through the prism of KKL-JNF’s work all over Israel. The conference is a highpoint event where educators with whom the Education Division works throughout the year meet to strengthen Jewish identity and to strengthen and advance the bond between Diaspora communities and Israel.

This year, teachers and educators from the USA, Latin America, South Africa, Russia, Hungary, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Morocco and Israel will be attending the conference. They will tour throughout the country and will experience it through a number of diverse activities, the theme of which will be “tradition and innovation”. They will meet with Israeli entrepreneurs, leaders and pioneers in the fields of education and technology.

Each conference participant is obligated to present an educational project based on the various activities and tools that they receive at the conference. The educators will implement the content they received at the conference over the coming school year in their home countries. By means of workshops, lectures and enrichment activities, participants will receive a variety of educational tools and will also be exposed to potential educational challenges and possible solutions.

Conference participants will visit KKL-JNF projects and tourist sites around Israel, including: the Alexander Muss American High School; Ariel Sharon Park; Independence Hall and the KKL-JNF Museum in Tel Aviv; the Ilanot Forest and Botanical Gardens; the KKL-JNF House for Excellence in Upper Nazareth; the city of Tzfat in the north; walking tours in Jerusalem; 9/11 Memorial in the Arazim Valley; the Yatir Field and Forest Center in the Negev; the Beersheva River Park; the Dead Sea and Masada, and much more.
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