KKL-JNF at WATEC: The International Water Exhibition

WATEC Israel is an international professional exhibition of the latest water and environmental quality technologies, such as desalination, advanced irrigation systems, water shortage solutions, leakage control, water monitoring, purification, water saving devices and much, much more.

WATEC 2013: 22 - 24 October

Video: Information on the biofilter and other KKL-JNF activities, as exhibited at WATEC

The WATEC  exhibition will be held at the Exhibition Grounds in Tel Aviv.
Admission is free!

On Wednesday, 23rd October, KKL-JNF will conduct a tour of the biofilter, an exciting water recycling innovation in Kfar Saba, initiated and sponsored by JNF Australia.

This year, the exhibition will focus on the different technologies that can help to more effectively utilize natural resources, including water.

The public is invited to visit the booth of KKL-JNF, which is participating in the exhibition for the fourth time, and to learn about the extensive activities of KKL-JNF in Israel and around the world. The booth will focus on the field of water, under the heading "Creating Water."

October 23: Tour to Kfar Saba biofilter with JNF

KKL-JNF offers visitors the opportunity to learn about the biofilter, a unique engineering system that captures and treats urban runoff and contaminated groundwater.

Meeting time: 11:00

Meeting Point: KKL-JNF booth (Hall 10 , booth 55)

Tour Guide: Dr. Yaron Singer, key initiator of the biofilter.

Approximate schedule:

- Lecture KKL-JNF booth at WATEC

11:30 - traveling to Kfar Saba

13:00 - Back to the exhibition grounds.

The tour includes a ride to biofilter and back, light snacks and drinks. Participation in the tour is free.

For details and registration: Patricia Ben Amo - Tel. 03-5261160 | 050-5220257 | Email
You can also register for the tour at the KKL-JNF booth.

The biofilter in brief:
The water treated by the system is stored in an underground aquifier.
You can pump the water from any point along the aquifer and utilized it for a variety of uses.
The system is currently beign tested in Kfar Saba and its implementation will allow the distribution of large quantities of clean water in Israel's larger cities.