The Israel Pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai

Israel joins 191 other countries at Expo 2020 in Dubai (Oct 1, 2020-Mar 31, 2021). The Israeli pavilion is being run by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in partnership with KKL-JNF, under the theme "Innovating Sustainable Solutions".

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Did you know...?


  • World Expos showcasing life-changing innovations have been held around the world, for over 150 years!


  • The official body overseeing the Expo – the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) - is based in France and was founded in 1928.


  • A 6-month long exhibition ("large expo") is held every 5 years, in a different country each time.


  • The Expo is the 3rd largest international event in the world in terms of its economic and cultural significance, after the World Cup and the Olympic Games.


  • Each participating country designs its own pavilion, based on its national characteristics and the official Expo theme.

About Expo 2020 in Dubai

Expo 2020 will showcase innovation, inspiration and the most brilliant talent from 192 countries in one spectacular destination - Dubai, UAE. The exhibition grounds are located on a newly built site halfway between Dubai and Abu Dhabi and close to three airports. The site is designed to accommodate up to 300,000 visitors a day. About 25 million visitors from around the world are expected to attend.
The Expo’s primary theme is Connecting Minds, Creating the Future, in the spirit of promoting creativity and innovation, partnership and engagement, and making a tangible impact - initiating new thinking and proposing innovative solutions to improve life around the world in a tangible, sustainable way, with an emphasis on the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.
A global celebration, it will empower visitors to connect, collaborate, create and be inspired. By allowing visitors to explore the promise and potential of its subthemes - Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability - Expo 2020 will deliver lasting, positive impact for people and communities across the world.
  • Opportunity - Opportunity rests at the heart of the development process, and ensures the opening of new horizons in fields such as education, employment, industry, capital and government.


  • Mobility - Mobility is the bridge for realizing opportunity by connecting people, goods and ideas while accessing markets, knowledge and innovation.


  • Sustainability - Sustainability provides the guidelines for the realization of opportunities, including the objective of doing more with less, of protecting the environment and preserving it for future generations.

The Israeli Pavilion

A long-time Expo participant, Israel has taken part in all four Expos held over the last decade, with great success each time. The overall themes of the upcoming Dubai Expo present a unique platform to showcase extraordinary and internationally acclaimed Israeli achievements to audiences from the Arab world, who have encountered to date mainly negative information about Israel.
"We look forward to sharing our innovative spirit and the advances our entrepreneurs and innovators are making in the various fields such as water, information and medical technologies", said the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement.

“Expos are global gatherings where people from around the world come together to celebrate ingenuity and apply it to shared challenges. We are excited to be a part of that common endeavor.”

KKL-JNF at the Expo

The KKL-JNF first participated in the Expo at Milan in 2015 at the request of the Prime Minister's Office. The Israel Pavilion and the KKL-JNF were very successful with over 2 million guests coming to visit the Israeli pavilion. The pavilion won many awards and was considered one of the top 5 pavilions at the Expo.

This time round, KKL-JNF has been granted the privilege of being the sole non-governmental body to accompany Israel at Expo 2021 in Dubai. Thanks to KKL-JNF’s global deployment, professionalism and experience in the fields of environment, forestry and water management, the organization regularly enjoys cooperative ventures with many international bodies.

VIDEO: What awaits you at the Israel pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020


KKL-JNF: Innovating Sustainable Solutions

KKL-JNF's theme for the Israeli pavilion are Forests, Water and Earth - our three main fields of activity. Read on to find out how we advance these basic building blocks of life in Israel!


KKL-JNF has been working to protect and preserve the environment for over a century, long before leaders and researchers fully understood the extent of the human footprint. We have spearheaded the creation, management and preservation of hundreds of thousands of acres of natural forests, planted woodlands and urban green lungs across Israel. Our unprecedented forestry project has increased Israel’s forested areas by 1800%. These forests sequester 300 million tons of CO² a year, thus supporting global efforts to manage climate change.

KKL-JNF promotes a sustainable afforestation policy consistent with global environmental concerns and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. It maintains 300,000 acres of natural forests and woodlands, works to prevent forest fires, and implements advanced forest regeneration programs. It promotes biodiversity, shields green spaces from the fallout of urban expansion, and expands green lungs in cities and towns. These activities improve air, soil and water quality and combat desertification.

Finally, recognizing the importance of these forests to public health, wellbeing, and recreation, KKL-JNF has built over 8,800 kilometers of forest roads, hiking and cycling paths and over one thousand recreation areas Israel. Thanks to KKL-JNF’s vision and commitment to the environment, tens of thousands of visitors can enjoy beautiful forests, woods and other precious green spaces every year.


How do you grow food and provide water for a fast-growing population with a rising quality of life when you are a semi-arid country that suffers from frequent droughts? Israel has risen to this formidable challenge and come out a winner. A key player in this national effort to do more with less water, KKL-JNF’s innovative water management solutions have enriched Israel’s water economy by a total of 260 million cubic meters per year and earned the organization it the title of ‘Israel’s fourth aquifer.’
70% of Israel’s wastewater is recycled, and KKL-JNF plays a major role in this enterprise. Our 230 reservoirs across the country are vital assets in the development of irrigated agriculture: they collect and store purified wastewater and stormwater that adds up to 30% of the country’s water for agriculture and 66% of all recycled water for agriculture. These reservoirs effectively prevent the contamination of soil, rivers and streams as well as underground water. No less important, they are ecological hubs that serve as a home to many species of birds and fish. 
KKL-JNF’s ingenuity and foresight in the preservation of wetlands have earned us international recognition. Applied agricultural research in KKL-JNF R&D stations enables advanced yet sustainable farming. In addition, we develop solutions for the purification of wastewater and the rehabilitation of polluted streams; we have recreated ancient methods of planting trees in the desert, and we promote water-sensitive cities. These are only some of the unique projects through which JNF-KKL meets the national and global water crisis head on.


KKL-JNF’s dedication to the protection of planet Earth is reflected in our invaluable contribution to global knowledge and research, and our continued efforts to develop cutting edge technologies that ensure a more sustainable future for generations to come. 
Our proactive land management, afforestation and reforestation practices – already implemented in many countries around the world—successfully prevent soil erosion; combat desertification; reduce deadly gas emissions, thereby mitigating climate change; promote biodiversity; and improve quality of life in urban areas.
We support renewable energy research and lead community-based solar energy projects, especially in the desert. We develop and support initiatives in the field of ecotourism.
We promote environmental awareness and engagement through educational programs for children and youth and community projects.   Our sustainable biospheric parks, promote health and well-being and enhance the sense of connection with nature.   We are investing significant resources to make our forests and parks accessible to people with disabilities also. 
KKL-JNF supports research and development of innovative solutions for combatting the climate crisis. Our vision is to create a Climate Crisis Center that will serve as a regional hub for innovative research and the study of climate solutions.

Find out more about sustainable development initiatives in the pipeline!

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