Report on the Rectification of Irregularities

Report on the Rectification of Irregularities

The Report on the Rectification of Irregularities, which was submitted to the state comptroller on May 28, 2017, includes a list of the large-scale changes that have been made in KKL-JNF since we received the draft of the State Comptroller’s Report in November 2015.

KKL-JNF, headed by World Chairman Danny Atar, has chosen to begin a revolution within the organization by rectifying all the irregularities that were mentioned in the report not only in the spheres and departments that were examined, but throughout the organization.

These changes include — among many other things — writing and approving basic procedures that implement principles of proper corporate administration; establishing procedures to prevent conflicts of interest and making agreements with high-ranking officials, both appointed and elected; setting rules concerning criteria for the organization’s activity and creating substantial change in the calls for proposals; writing annual work plans; instituting new norms of transparency and publishing all protocols; making thorough changes in the way decisions are made in the organization; tightening budgetary oversight; strengthening the status of the legal bureau and the financial division, which are the organization’s gatekeepers; hiring an internal auditor for the organization; and appointing a retired judge to be the supreme legal authority in KKL-JNF.

KKL-JNF is proud to present this report to the state comptroller, and has published it for the benefit of Israel’s elected officials and general public. KKL-JNF will continue to serve the Jewish people and the people of Israel, guided by the principles of proper auditing and transparency.

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The following is a translation of the first and most important part of the report. The entire document is available  in Hebrew at this link