Call for Tourism Projects — Preliminary Public Announcement

As part of our preparations for issuing a call for proposals for economic projects on afforested land (hereinafter: “the call for proposals”), KKL-JNF is making a public announcement and inviting eligible entities (as listed below) to give notice of their intention to submit proposals for KKL-JNF participation in their projects.

Applicants must submit the following information: The name and title of the applicant, the description of the proposed project, the estimated budget of the proposed project, an estimated timetable for completing the project, the identities of any other partners, and so on.
We wish to clarify that this does not refer to detailed proposal submissions, but rather proposals that will help KKL-JNF to determine policy and budgeting for the call for proposals soon to be issued.
We wish to remind you that the procedure of issuing a public announcement is optional, and not a condition for submitting a proposal. Likewise, submission within the framework of this procedure will not count as a proposal submission within the framework of the call for proposals. Potential applicants are advised to visit KKL-JNF’s website for up-to-date announcements.
Here are the main points of the policy regarding cooperation on economic projects in afforested areas, subject to what is permitted by the National Master Plan for Forests and Afforestation (TAMA-22):
1.       Tourist and challenging athletic attractions
2.       Affordably-priced lodging
3.       Sports
4.       Leisure
Entities Eligible to Apply for KKL-JNF Participation
The call for proposals is intended for all entrepreneurs (private individuals or companies) that are economic entities only. Non-profit organizations may not apply.
Additional Conditions and Rules
1.       Proposals may be submitted for both existing and planned projects.
2.       The financial investment in the project shall not be less than NIS 4 million.
3.       KKL-JNF’s participation shall be up to 25 percent of the project’s share capital.
4.       The form of KKL-JNF’s investment (capital, loan, convertible loan, and so on) shall be determined at KKL-JNF’s sole discretion.

Questions may be sent by e-mail to