Calls for Proposals for Projects

Please note:
Due to the Coronavirus, KKL-JNF is significantly reducing its activities. Updates regarding the status of tenders and calls for proposals are available at the links listed on our Hebrew page.
When the situation will allow, we will update regarding returning to full-scale activities. We appreciate your understanding.

Welcome to KKL-JNF’s Calls for Proposals page.

As part of KKL-JNF’s revolution in transparency and good governance, the directorate has decided that starting in 2017, KKL-JNF will approve and carry out projects via transparent and egalitarian procedures to be announced via calls to the public for proposals.

This page provides all the information required to submit proposals for projects via KKL-JNF and/or in partnership with KKL-JNF and/or with KKL-JNF funding. This information includes the procedure for calls for proposals, the documentation for submitting proposals, the procedure for submitting proposals, the budget allocated for the various projects, a list of organizations that are eligible to submit proposals for each separate call, and all the prerequisites and criteria on the basis of which the proposals will be given points and ranking.
The calls for proposals that have been approved by KKL-JNF’s board of directors and its management for 2017 are for the following projects: 1) Walking and Cycling trails in Urban Area; 2) Landscape Development for Community Facilities; and 3) KKL-JNF Gardens (the development of public open spaces).
KKL-JNF shall have the right to issue additional calls for proposals during 2017, and an announcement about that will be published on this page.
Projects not included on the list of calls for proposals published on this page will not be carried out.
While there is no limitation on the number of proposals that any applicant may submit in response to the call for proposals, each applicant may have only one winning proposal for each call (the proposal that receives the highest ranking according to the criteria that have been set). Any proposal other than the winning one for that fiscal year will be rejected.
We suggest that any interested parties check this page often for up-to-date announcements.
We thank you for your cooperation in the procedures of public transparency and the submission of proposals, and wish success to the applicants.
Please note: Calls for Proposals are to be submitted through the KKL-JNF website via its computerized system and online form only, as stated in the general instructions for submission of proposals. Proposals submitted in any other way will not be accepted.