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The KKL-JNF World Leadership Conference, held every two years, hosts distinguished leaders, eminent  donors and academics. The conference features in-depth discussion on KKL-JNF fields of activity. This section is your one-stop shop for everything WLC related!


Looking back: 2018 World Leadership Conference

Video links:
This video, created especially for Israel's 70th birthday and KKL-JNF's 116th birthday, portrays the role of KKL-JNF and its friends worldwide iin establishing and developing the state of Israel.
"Right here with you" - KKL-JNF's latest promotional video.
Thinking out of the box for environmental and Zionist education with the KKL-JNF Education Division - a promotional video.
A closer look at one KKL-JNF's newest projects - KKL-JNF Houses, which are being established in outlying communities to help youth succeed.
Green Horizons, KKL-JNF's outdoor leadership program, as seen through the eyes of Eliah Levin, a young US immigrant who is now a Green Horizons group leader.
Noa Zer, who lives on Moshav Paran, tells of how KKL-JNF helped her community, and others like it in the Arava, become prime exporters of produce in a region with no natural water sources.
Amos Harpaz, a Palmach veteran and establisher of Kibbutz Yiftach, recounts witnessing KKL-JNF's major project in the 50's - the draining of the Hula swamp in order to create more land for agriculture.
The KKL-JNF sound and light show, which was projected on the National Inistitutions Building in Jerusalem for Yom Haatzmaut - now on small screen.
Watch online: The world premiere in Jerusalem in honor of Israel's 70th Birthday - music rescued from the concentration camps, by renowned maestro Francesco Lotoro.
A video summary of the 2018 World Leadership Conference - three days of exploring and charting KKL-JNF's course in creating a better, greener Israel.
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Getting Ready for the 2018 World Leadership Conference

The World Leadership Conference 2018 for KKL-JNF presidents, chairpersons and CEOs worldwide is taking place between 13-17 April.  

The WLC 2018 is taking place in a year of exciting milestones, and will celebrate 116 years of KKL-JNF as well as the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel.

What's in store for WLC 2018?

Discussions on how KKL-JNF will chart its future in Israel and around the world will dominate the agenda. Topics for discussion include updates on the organization's relations with the government and people of Israel, as well as the new tax law. Panel discussions will be held on pressing issues, such as community building in the periphery, BDS and antisemitism, Jewish-Zionist education,  instituting a Call for Proposals system and tackling future marketing challenges. Video presentations on KKL-JNF projects around Israel will be shown. Looking towards the future, KKL-JNF leaders in Israel and around the world will sit together and conduct intensive talks on KKL-JNF's vision for the coming years.
WLC 2018 participants will embark on a field trip to the KKL-JNF Field and Forest Center in Nes Harim, which forms part of a network of such centers set in forests, that provide camping and lodging facilities, hikes and outdoor educational programs for youth that instill the values of national pride, love of nature and heritage and environmental awareness through experiential and enjoyable learning.
Highlights of the conference include participation in the Notes of Hope Concert featuring orchestral renditions of music salvaged from the Nazi concertration camps, conducted by renowned Italian maestro Francesco Lotoro, as well as a meeting and celebratory march with young students from pre-military academies and the Green Horizons outdoor leadership program, in honor of Israel's 70th anniversary. Informal educational activities on ecology, Zionism and leadership at the pre-military academies and the Green Horizons program are supported by KKL-JNF and its partners worldwide.
KKL-JNF in Israel looks forward to hosting its honored friends and partners from around the world!

Subsides for participating in March of the Living & WLC 2018

Announcement: A KKL-JNF delegation to the March of the Living in Poland is planned for April 9-12, 2018, and it will be followed immediately afterwards by the World Leadership Conference in Israel for KKL-JNF leaders. Both events will mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel.
In view of the great importance of these events and the responses we have received from a number of countries regarding the high cost of participation, professional committee has set up transparent and uniform criteria for the provision of participation subsidies.
All inquiries should be addressed to Karine Bolton at Karineb@kkl.org.il

World Leadership Conference 2013

World Leadership Conference 2013

The WLC 2013 was the 7th World Leadership Conference held in Israel, with 250 KKL-JNF leaders and professionals from 35 countries worldwide participating. The conference went from 14-20 June, 2013.

World Leadership Conference 2011

World Leadership Conference 2011

The WLC 2011 was the 6th World Leadership Conference held in Israel, and about 200 people, including distinguished leaders, academics and eminent donors, participated. This section summarizes the different sessions and trips.