When Community and Environment Meet

Sunday, November 21, 2021 2:57 PM

The Shomrei HaNahal (Guardians of the Stream) collaboration between Kibbutz Parod and KKL-JNF for  the Parod stream and woodland bears fruit.

Earlier this month (November 2021) the Shomrei HaNahal project in Nahal Parod and the surrounding woodland reached an apex, with the installation of garbage cans and signs calling on visitors to keep the site clean. The signs, written in Hebrew and Arabic, were prepared by pupils of the Nof Galil-Parod School.
For the past two years, KKL-JNF staff and foresters have been spearheading efforts to connect communities in the Upper Galilee and Golan Heights with the nature in their backyards, encouraging them to adopt local forests and streams and to keep them clean.
KKL-JNF joining hands with Kibbutz Parod, the Nof Galil-Parod regional school, the Merom Galil regional council, the sanitation department, and the Drainage and Streams Authority, has been essential to the ongoing preservation of Nahal Parod and Parod Forest for the common good.
The community in Parod has adopted the stream and forest, and they look after the site and keep it clean all year round, with the Nof Galil school continually holding activities for the benefit of preserving the forest and stream. The installations were a culmination of those efforts.
Now you can come and see it for yourself – park your car in the designated parking lot, walk along the forest paths, and enjoy the sound of clean, flowing water. Remember to dispose of your garbage in the newly-installed receptacles - or better still, leave your disposable plastics at home!